Is There A Ticking ‘Time Bomb’ Lurking In Your Business… Without You Even Knowing It?

Inside You’ll Discover…

The ES Cycle’ that either makes your life easier or ensures you’ll never succeed…
The 7 Deadly Sins that are not only crippling your business, but are TURNING potential customers away…
The Wrong Way To Do Social Media Marketing and how it’s a recipe for disaster (and the right way to automate it…
The 3 P’s of Marketing that nobody talks about and why they are key to a sustainable, profitable business…
A Crash Course in what should be one of the key activities and marketing pillars in your business…
How To Implement Quickly and Get Results Fast
And much more…

Let’s be real. Running an profitable business takes work, lots of work. It also takes time, effort and money. Too often as business owners, we get sucked into things, activities and actions that prevent us from moving forward. More importantly, a lot of these actions or ‘sins‘, as well call them, cripple our business and actually repel our most ideal customers WITHOUT us even knowing it.

Inside ‘Time Bomb‘ you’ll discover what these deadly sins are, how to spot them, how to stop them, as well as the remedy for running a wildly profitable business in this new economy.

Hello, we’re Eric Herman and John Mulry. We’re so excited to bring you our ‘must read’ book jammed packed with sure fire ways to eradicate the 7 Deadly, Sales Preventing, Profit-Sucking, Client Repelling black holes lurking in your business.

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Is there a ticking ‘Time Bomb’ lurking in your business…without you even knowing it?

Inside Time Bomb you’ll discover how to eradicate the 7 Deadly Sins that are not only crippling your business, but also turning potential clients and customers away.

You’ll learn how to implement quickly and get results fast . . .

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About The Authors

Eric Herman is a seasoned entrepreneur who has generated millions of dollars of in sales online, real estate, finance, banking and SaaS industries. He helps businesses, large and small, attract more leads and customers by providing done-with-you and done-for-you solutions for monetizing those leads using wildly profitable omni-channel marketing strategies.

Eric is the co-author of the book Time Bomb with John Mulry.

Eric Herman

John Mulry’s mission is to transform 1,000,000 businesses by 2030… He is an award winning, Dan Kennedy-trained trusted marketing advisor with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline direct response marketing. He’s one of the most sought after direct response email marketing consultants of his generation.

John is the author of eight business books including Time Bomb with Eric Herman.


John Mulry

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