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How to Make Email Marketing One Of Your Most Profitable Marketing Channels

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to close more sales and grow your business. And by now you’ve either adopted email marketing, or you will shortly. After all, email marketing is easy, fast, inexpensive, and, in most cases, yields the highest ROI. Which is great for you – the small business owner.

However…before you send another email, consider this: the majority of entrepreneurs have no idea how to use email marketing effectively. And they’re losing out on thousands, even millions of dollars because of it.

You see, the truth is most small business owners will spend their time worrying about things like:

• What subject lines get the best open rates?

• Are there SPAM words I should avoid?

• How long should my email be?

• When is the best time of day to send my email?

And so on…

A complete list could fill the entire page. But when it comes right down to it, there is a bigger picture here that most business owners are missing. While they’re busy debating subject lines, deciding how to sign their emails, and rejoicing over 1 – 2% increased response rates, other, more important issues are neglected.

And that’s when:

• A promotional email is sent to an existing customer-who already made the purchase at full price.

• A man receives an email inviting him to a Woman’s Stress Management Course

• A prospect signs up to be on a mailing list then doesn’t hear anything from the company for 3 or 4 months

• An email marketer gets more SPAM complaints than “click-throughs”

Having never learned effective email marketing strategies, small business owners are either oblivious to the mistakes they’re making, or they fight the symptoms of the problem and not the problem itself.

They believe: if open rates drop…they’ve got to find a more responsive list or hire a copywriter to write more compelling subject lines. If no one jumps at the promotion… it’s because they delivered their message on the wrong day of the week. If their email messages aren’t being delivered to the inbox… it’s time to find a new email marketing service.

Look, successful email marketing is NOT determined solely by subject lines. It cannot be achieved by just avoiding SPAM words. A defined email length will not make or break your bottom line.

And long-term success has never been determined by a certain day of the week.

If you want to see real results from your email marketing efforts, then stop reading articles about the “7 Words You Should NEVER Use in an Email.” Focus on the concepts that will make a difference.

The key to creating successful, effective email marketing campaigns is tied up in 3 critical (but little known) techniques:

1. Use Segmentation to Send ONLY Relevant Messages… “Stop Blasting Emails to Your Entire Contact List!”

As a legitimate email marketer (as opposed to a SPAMMER), you know how important permission-based marketing is. You know it’s imperative to get permission before freely sending emails to your prospects and customers.

Unfortunately, without segmentation, you’re still committing one of the greatest sins in email marketing…sending people emails they don’t want to receive. For most small business owners, the typical email marketing process looks like this: IMAGE HERE

Now before you discount yourself from this group, think about it carefully.

Imagine you wanted to send a promotional email for Product A. Without segmentation, you draft the email and send it out to everyone you have contact information for.

Stop blasting emails to your entire contact list! No single email will be relevant to EVERYONE on your list. But without segmentation, you have no idea who’ll respond.

And, no matter how great your promotion is, no matter how fantastic your product or service is…you will only ever reach a handful of interested people.

And you’ll irritate or start to drive off the rest.

With each “blast” you’ll get:

• A handful of interested people who like Product A and are glad you sent them an email

• A group of people who want nothing to do with Product A, or you, and flag your email as SPAM

• A few people who like Product A, but they want it in blue & you’re promoting it in red

• A growing list of people who lost interest in you

Now, let’s imagine a different scenario. You want to send a promotion for Product A. So you find all the customers and prospects who have recently shown an interest in Product A and send them an email.

We’ll let you guess the results of a targeted email like that!

Effective email marketing requires you to know everything you can about your contacts. You should know their name, gender, email address, location, marital status and career, as well as:

• Their interests, particularly as they relate to your products and/or services

• When and what they last purchased

• Whether they open and click on emails

• Their behaviors (wouldn’t you like to know if a prospect had visited your website?)

With these details, you always have the chance to send targeted, relevant messages. Messages that get results! That is what makes the difference between you and millions of other small business owners.

2. Keep Your Email Marketing Consistent and Predictable… “There’s No Excuse for Losing Touch or Breaking Trust!”

Imagine you had one lead, and you could spend all of your time getting that lead through the sales funnel to a purchase. How would you do it? What would you say? How much time would you spend on that lead?

Now imagine you’ve turned that one lead into a customer. And you can devote yourself to turning that one customer into a raving fan. What actions would you take?

Now…multiply that one lead by 5,000. What happens to your schedule? Well, unless you have super powers, you can’t possibly do for the 5,000 what you did for the one. There are only 24 hours in your already busy day. And inevitably, the consistent, personalized attention you gave one prospect is forcibly diminished into:

• A follow-up phone call every couple of months

• An occasional “mass” email

• A two-week long autoresponder sequence

But just because you’re strapped for time doesn’t mean you should neglect your contacts.

Your contacts deserve consistent, valuable communication from you whether you have one lead or a million. And they’re more likely to buy if you are someone they can trust… not just the person who sends them a promotional email once in a while.

Once in a while does not build relationships. Ironically, most small business owners send emails when they want to run a promotion or when their sales numbers are down. Then, they can’t figure out why no one is buying. No one is buying because your customers and prospects are working on their time. Not yours. And your only hope of closing additional sales is to be there at the exact moment your contacts decide to buy.

Chances are that moment will not occur the last two days of the month. With an advanced email marketing system, you will always be there when your contacts need you.

Because you can stay in touch with ALL of those people, you can:

• Follow up with new prospects when they request a free report

• Let contacts know about upcoming events

• Send weekly tips and tricks of your industry

• Immediately send out emails about Product A (in blue)

• Deliver a monthly newsletter

Devote the necessary time and resources to making your email marketing consistent. If you promise to send a monthly newsletter, than you better send out a newsletter. If someone expresses an interest in your free report, you better email that free report right away (and follow up to make sure they received it).

You need to be someone they can count on to keep in touch. And you need to be someone who follows through on expectations. There’s no excuse for losing touch or breaking trust.

Consistently sending emails to your prospects and customers will help enhance your relationships and lead to a significant increase in sales.

3. Include Multi-media Along with Your Email Marketing… “Email Itself is Not a Marketing ‘Cure-all’!”

As we’ve mentioned, email marketing works! And when done right, it works well.

So why in the world would you want to use any other form of marketing? Well, the bottom line is that email is not a marketing “Cure-all.”

Other forms of marketing fill different needs and produce different emotional and psychological responses. And depending on the purpose of your marketing message, you may want to consider an alternative form of communication.

What would a new customer of yours prefer to receive… an email thanking them for their purchase? Or a letter and free gift, welcoming them into your business family?

Chances are, the email would be deleted before it’s even read (unless you utilize my power thank you strategy).

Sending a thank you email has become almost a formality. It’s great for you, because it’s fast and takes very little thought.

But what are you trying to achieve by sending a thank-you email? Wouldn’t you have greater success at creating loyal, repeat customers if you sent that gift?

What about a birthday? Do your customers and prospects really appreciate receiving an eCard from you? From the contact’s perspective, people who really care send a card in the mail- parents, grandma (with $5 included), and friends. If you want to prove genuine interest in that person and their birthday, you’re going to mail a card, not shoot off an email.

Even with segmentation, email marketing has lost some of the personal connection customers and prospects like to feel. It’s mechanical and can be easily mass produced.

Your prospects and customers know that. By incorporating multi-media into your marketing efforts, you’re showing your contacts that they are more than just a name on a list. They are someone worth spending time on.

Plus, with multi-media you can connect with your contacts in a way they are most likely to respond to. Not everyone is sitting at their computer waiting for a message from you.


But that doesn’t have to stop you from connecting with them.

Months ago, a fast-food chain discovered the value of multimedia marketing. Statistically, Tuesday afternoon was their slowest time of the week. Then, they tapped into the power of text messaging and turned Tuesday into their busiest day. How did they do it? By texting their contacts on Tuesday (mid-afternoon) and inviting them to enjoy a sandwich at a discounted rate.

Sending an email could never produce the same results. It had to be text. This company found an effective way to reach busy, stay-at-home moms and the people who were running errands during their lunch breaks. Sending an email could never produce the same results. The text had to come right as people were getting hungry.

That is why you need to incorporate multi-media. The use of multi-media enhances everything you’re doing with email marketing. It gives you a chance to communicate more effectively and ensure you’re connecting (in one way or another) with everyone in your database.

Introducing Email Marketing 2.0

The age of hit and miss email marketing is over. It’s time for small business owners to focus on the marketing concepts that really matter. It’s time to take email marketing to the next level with Email Marketing 2.0.

In a nutshell, Email Marketing 2.0 is about: Sending relevant, targeted messages to all prospects and customers. That’s it!

The three keys of email marketing success wrapped up in one, simple concept.

Now, at some point, you’ll want to examine those smaller details, like the best words to use in a subject line or how to address your contact. But for now, focus on implementing the three critical email marketing techniques and you will see a significant increase in response, sales and repeat sales.

Here are a few steps get you started:

1. Find an Email Marketing 2.0 solution that includes a customer database (CRM)

To benefit from segmentation, you need a simple way to pull and use the data you gathered on your contacts. If you have to bounce back and forth between your customer database and your email marketing service, you’re going to spend a lot of time and effort getting your lists segmented.

And after doing this only once, you’ll be tempted to go back to the old way.

2. Automate your email marketing follow-up.

Sending emails to several people at once gets tedious. And remembering the status of each person in your sales funnel is impossible once you have more than a handful of contacts. Automating the process saves you time, provides your contacts with consistent messaging, instantly changes the follow- up sequences when necessary and prevents you from making mistakes.

3. Create multi-step, multi-media campaigns.

With every marketing campaign you create, find a way to naturally include multi-media in the sequence. Send a postcard (along with an email) to remind people of an upcoming event. Send a letter and gift to new customers, followed by a voice message asking if they received it. Tie everything together and you’ll get a powerful, reinforced campaign.

Discover how easy it is to incorporate these strategies into your business. Email Marketing 2.0 is no longer optional for small business owners.

You Now Have Two Choices…

This should be more than enough to get you started. It also means you now have two choices.

Choice #1: You take what you’ve learned and you attempt to do it by yourself.


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