Free Cheat-Sheet: How To Increase Your Email Open Rates Fast...Guaranteed

The Anatomy of the 13 BEST Subject Lines and How To Use Them in Your Business

Inside look behind the best converting subject lines and why…
Ready to use examples you can plug in your business immediately…
A no-cost way of increasing your email open rates with very little effort…
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Created By Eric Herman and Award Winning Direct Response Expert – John Mulry

Our Email Open Rate Cheat Sheet is a “must have” for your email marketing…now you’ll know the exact email subject lines that work the best and you can use them to boost your email open rates every time!

Eric & John

A Serial Entrepreneur, co-author of the bookTime Bomb. I help businesses attract more qualified leads and prospects by providing them with done-with-you and done-for-you-solutions for monetizing those leads fast and often..

Eric Herman


Dan Kennedy Trained, Award Winning Marketing Advisor, Top Selling Author, Speaker

John Mulry

Chief Marketing Officer,

Press Release Jet

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