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Customer Monetization System



What Is eCommerce Customer Monetization Method?

The DoCorporate eCommerce Customer Monetization Method . . .

is a done-for-you method that helps transform your online business into higher margin, cashflow generating, revenue machine that increases the valuation of your corporation or llc, making it more attractive for acquisition and financing.

Competition has never been greater. Consumers have more choices, at their fingertips, then ever before As a result, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to build and maintain a customer base.

To stand out in the marketplace, you need to leverage your customer base.


How Does The eCommerce Customer Monetization Method Help?

Our eCommerce monetization method provides an easy to implement, affordable way for even the smallest operations to leverage automation.

The eCommerce Customer Monetization method accomplishes 3 things:

Customer Attraction

We create and implement "push button irresistible offers" that attracts customers on demand.

Customer Communication

We provide done-for-you, multiple touch point, behind-the-scenes communication that nurtures your customer relationships.

Customer Retention

We make it easy for happy customers to refer their friends, return more frequently and say nice things about you online.

Leveraging Intelligent Automation

By applying intelligent automation to your business we’re able to do what was, until recently, impossible.

The DoCorporate eCommerce Customer Monetization Method combines technology with personalization. Through our cloud-based platform, we’re able to nurture your customer relationships on autopilot.

This doesn’t mean set it and forget it. Instead, we leverage “Intelligent Automation”. The intelligence comes from real human interaction. We look at what’s happening. How are your customers responding? What offers do they like? Which one’s do they ignore?

Intelligent Automation provides insight that you can’t get without a method that keep track of what you’re doing, what’s working and what isn’t.

The Docorporate eCommerce Customer Monetization Method allows you to see what’s working best for your business without spending thousands of dollars in traditional, outdated marketing tactics and advertising. 

intelligent automation for ecommerce customer monetization

Frequent, timely communication with your customers produces “revenue-on-demand”, when combined with offers and incentives you know they’ll respond to (because they’ve responded to similar offers in the past).

With the . . . 


Predictable, higher margin revenue awaits…  

You focus on the front-facing, customer experience and our method takes care of all the rest, behind the scenes.

What's Happening Behind The Scenes?

Our team works along side yours, remotely each month. The online reporting and analytics provide you with transparent insight as to what’s going on 24/7.

Here’s what you’ll find with the eCommerce customer monetization method working for you behind the scenes:

High-Margin Multi-Factor Revenue From Loyal Customers

A happy customer is not only more likely to become a “loyal” customer, they’re more likely to return multiple times each month or even each week.

They’ll refer people to your business through word-of-mouth.

Many will rave about you online for others to see. 

They typically spend more when they order and will be more open to specials and recommendations that may be more profitable for you. 

You don’t have to advertise to get them.

Your other customers . . . 

a happy customer

Require advertising to get them back. And that’s much more expensive.

When you start building your customer relationships, you get to generate business much more cost effectively.

It’s not that simple!

Nurturing your customers isn’t easy. It’s time consuming. It’s a lot of work.

It requires a communication system that provides your customers with offers, incentives and answers to their questions, across all the channels of communication they may use (sms, email, social media or in person).

You need the eCommerce Customer Monetization Method because it provides support and insight into your customer communication so that you can determine the effectiveness of what’s working and what’s not, in real time, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation.

Use the same method framework in your business that we use in our’s . . .


We bring everything you need together into a single platform that we manage for you.

This method enables us to:

And because we’re able to utilize automation, we can deliver the takeout and delivery customer monetization method quickly, affordably and without a long-term commitment.

What Problems Does The Method Solve?

Attracting New Customers


To attract new customers you’ll need to get “push button irresistible offers” in front of them. These are “no brainer” offers that get customers to order immediately.





Opt In

Offers require customers to enter their name, email and phone number to get the offer. They have to opt in. Doing so delivers your offer to them and enables you to communicate with them in the future and make offers to bring them back into your business.

Customer Communication - Nurturing The Relationship

Now that you have your customer’s information, you have the most important part…a way to reach them.

Now you need to reach out.

That’s where our eCommerce customer monetization method comes in. The behind-the-scenes communication nurtures your customer relationships.

This provides a channel, you control, to deliver offers and incentives to them, throughout each week and each month.

It creates opportunities to bring them into your business again.

Because the our eCommerce customer monetization method communication utilizes “intelligent automation”, we’re able to segment these customers by applying “tags” based upon their actions. 

Just some of what this means . . .

Increasing Referrals

customer communication via intelligent automation

Do you have a system to keep track of customer referrals?

We’ll provide you with one!

Happy customers can be incentivized to tell their family, friends and peers about you.

Our ongoing communication with your customers include suggestions and incentives for them to refer business and introduce people in their circles to you.

Increasing and Improving Online Reviews

An important part of online marketing now requires requesting and obtaining online reviews. You need them coming in on regular basis. 

The recency and frequency of online reviews plays an important role in local business organic ranking.

People look at and trust online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations.

People have been conditioned to look at online reviews as part of their decision making process, particularly for online businesses. Businesses with higher star ratings get more customers.

The eCommerce Customer Monetization Method incorporates a review request process into the the customer communication flow. 

Typically, online businesses ask the customer to leave a review within minutes of ordering or receiving their order.

Increasing Customer Long Term Value (LTV)

The eCommerce customer monetization method helps increase the average number of order per customer, the number of people they refer and the average amount they spend. The more active they are, the more valuable they become.

Offsetting Rising Customer Acquisition Costs

According to American Express, it’s 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one.

The eCommerce customer monetization method helps offset these costs by increasing the contribution each customer makes to your business.

Selling New Products and Services

Before introducing a new product, you can test the waters simply by asking your customers. An online survey is great way to judge an item’s popularity. This provides an opportunity reduce your risks.

Customer Communication

The number of online businesses has exploded since Covid-19. 

The challenge for many online business owners, beyond the logistics of online ordering, is simply communicating with customers.

Ongoing communication requires automation. Without it, it’s very difficult to manage your business.

DoCorporate’s eCommerce customer monetization method makes communication easy, through “intelligent automation”.

Selling More To Existing Customers

Because communication with your customers is systematized, you’ll be generating more orders through the effectiveness of the  eCommerce customer monetization method.

Increasing Order Frequency

Including special offers and weekly specials is great, but having a method that automatically gets them out can be a complete game-changer. Your eCommerce customer monetization method increases the frequency of customers purchases.

How Does It Work?

The eCommerce Customer Monetization Method includes: 

Takeout Irresistible Offer

Irresistible Offer

The key to attracting new customers is to offer them something that’s hard for them to say “no” to… something “irresistible”.

The offer should be easy to redeem and be available to them immediately.

Providing multiple access options (SMS text, QR code and website link) makes participation easy.

SMS Text Phrase

The eCommerce Customer Monetization Method includes an SMS text enabled phone number and custom SMS Text key phrase that your customers can use to receive your irresistible offer.

Most typically, texting the key phrase returns a link to the opt in page where they’ll be required to enter their name, mobile number and email.

Takeout SMS Text Phrase
Takeout Opt In

Opt In Page

Your eCommerce Customer Monetization Method includes an opt in page that we customize and host for you. This opt in page is the gate through which the interested person must pass to receive your “irresistible offer”. The page is optimized for desktop and mobile.

The opt in page is designed to be consistent with the flyer and your company branding. Optionally, you can request or require name, email and mobile number on the form submission

Coupon Delivery

Upon submitting the opt in form, the customer is sent an email and/or SMS text with simple instructions on how to redeem the coupon.

They’ll click the link provided and that link will do one of two things: (1) validate them with a date and time stamp for the cashier to see or (2) send them to a page that shows the offer (with or without a countdown timer).

Takeout Coupon Delivery
Takeout Coupon Redemption

Offer Redemption Validation

If you select the “offer redemption validation” option, the customer will receive an email and/or text message that includes a link.

Clicking the link triggers a date and time stamp message that they’ll show to the cashier.

To validate the message, the cashier simply needs to recognize the date and approximate time stamped in the message the customer shows on their phone..

If the link is clicked anytime thereafter, the system generates a “declined” notification, informing the customer that the coupon has already been redeemed.

Offer Redemption Alternative

If you prefer not to validate the redemption of each coupon, upon submission of the form, the visitor can be redirected to an “Offer Redemption” thank you page. This is the one page that virtually 100% of all visitors will see after they opt in.

This page should include a count down timer (making it a limited time offer that the visitor won’t see again).

Takeout Non Validation Redemption
Takeout Review Requests

Online Review Requests

Obtaining a consistent flow of new reviews is very important.
Consumers make decisions about contacting a business based upon recent reviews, not older ones. Reviews older than 3 months aren’t seen as relevant.

The Customer Monetization Method includes “Review Requests” as part of the initial and ongoing communication.

We also include a Review Management Platform that’s connected to more than 60 different review sites, social media platforms and local directories. You can connect as many of your accounts as you like and respond to all reviews from within the platform.

Short Term Follow Up

Follow up continues for you, automatically. Our short-term follow up includes a mix of 3 to 6 emails and SMS text messages over a ten to fourteen day period.

These messages include new special offers, review requests and short personalized messages.

The follow up message content includes community information, tips, humor, suggestions and cash surge generating “irresistible offers. Once a recipient takes an action, they’re removed from the remainder of short-term follow up automatically.

Takeout Short Term Follow Up
Takeout Long Term Follow Up

Long Term Follow Up

Long term follow up communication is designed to keep your business in front of your customers. It includes community information, tips, humor, suggestions and cash surge generating “irresistible offers.

Customers On Demand

The most valuable aspect of The Customer Monetization Method is that it enables you to generate “Customers On Demand”.


Let’s say you’re having a slow week or slow night?

All you need to do is send us a text and within minutes we can send your offer to hundreds of your existing customers.

Can you do that right now?

Powerful. Fast. Cashflow.

Takeout Customers On Demand

Premium Method Upgrade

The “Premium” Method is a social media upgrade which includes done-for-you creation of social content and automated social posting.

Premium Social Media Content

Upgrading to the Customer Monetization Premium Method brings your social media accounts to life by transforming your online presence from ordinary to extraordinary.

Posts are custom branded (with your company logo) and optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile (GMB), Twitter and LinkedIn.

Posts include images, graphics, quotes, tips and irresistible offers linked to your opt in page.

Takeout Social Media Content
Takeout Social Media Posting

Premium Social Media Posting

Our social media posting helps turn browsers into customers by transforming your social accounts from digital ghost towns into educational, informational destinations that provide insight and updates to visitors interested in your business.

Our web-based platform consolidates all of your social accounts into a single interface that we use to post to each of your connected profiles 2x daily.

Lite Method Downgrade

The “Lite” Method is a do-it-yourself downgrade which provides the platform without all the of done-for-you features.

How Do I Get Started?

click the “Get Started” button to view the details of each plan

Customer Monetization

$ 97
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • Web-Based CRM
  • Branded Website Lead Capture
  • Optimized For Desktop
  • Optimized For Mobile
  • DIY Email List Building Platform
  • DIY SMS List Building Platform
  • DIY Communication

Customer Monetization

$ 497
  • Done-For-You Rapid Growth
  • Web-based Platform
  • Branded Website Lead Capture
  • Optimized For Desktop
  • Optimized For Mobile
  • DFY Email List Building
  • DFY SMS List Building
  • DFY Communcation
  • DFY Offer Creation
  • DFY Offer Implmentation
  • Real Time Reporting & Analytics
  • New Customer Campaigns
  • Existing Customer Campaigns
  • Reactive and Resell Campaigns
  • Online Review Requests
  • Review Management & Marketing

Customer Monetization

$ 697
  • DFY Growth & Social Presence
  • Everything In The CORE Plan
  • PLUS DFY Social Posting To Your:
  • Google Business Profile (2x daily)
  • Facebook Page (2x daily)
  • Instagram (2x daily)
  • Linkedin (2x daily)


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What Others Have To Say

“I was first introduced the Customer Monetization Method years ago. It's been so helpful in segmenting my business to drive revenue from specific audiences. Eric and his team really care about my business success .”
Patti Starr
RA, LMT, SET Integrated Healing Arts
“Eric is one the most driven entrepreneurs I have ever known. He takes on every endeavor with zeal and tenacity. He has a keen sense of the online environment and has developed a cutting edge method (the Customer Monetization Method) to get the maximum bottom results from your products and services."
Dan Ogus
COO, Cornerstone Affiliates
“Eric is one of the best revenue generators I have the pleasure of knowing. He’s got a great technical and design team and a lot of resources that make success easy. I highly recommend him.”
Sean T Phillips
President, STP Consulting
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Customer Monetization Method is built upon a templated automation method that’s tailored to each business. The customization process includes:

  • – offer Creation
  • – Optin Pages
  • – Offer Delivery
  • – Ongoing Customer Communication

The Customer Monetization Method includes:

  • – Customized Offers
  • – Customized Opt In Page (hosting included)
  • – Customized Thank You Page (hosting included)
  • – Email follow up
  • – SMS follow up

The Customer Monetization Method has the service levels: LITE, CORE and PREMIUM. Each is available on a month-to-month no contract, cancel at any time basis. See the Pricing Table and service description page for pricing and details.

The Customer Monetization Method is a month-to-month service, there’s no contract, cancel at any time.

To cancel send an email to 24 hrs prior to your monthly renewal date.

The Customer Monetization Method comes with a Risk Free 30 Day “I’m Happy or I Pay Nothing” Money Back Guarantee.

No. There’s no Free Trial, but we offer a Risk Free 30 Day “I’m Happy or I pay Nothing” Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, you can change your offer as often as once per week.
Your customized system will be available to you within 2 business days of your profile completion (that provides us with your preferred contact information, branding and offer).

Yes, we strongly suggest you do. We’ll be happy to provide social posts for you to promote your eMagazine on all of your social profiles.

To reach us with any questions about the Customer Monetization Method or any of our other services, you can call 866.723.2522 or reach us by email at

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