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How Overwhelming It Is To Create Content

Let’s face it, creating even crappy content is a royal pain in the butt. That’s why none of us do it on a regular basis. If it was easy to do everyone would. You can buy content, but there’s a ton of crap out there that won’t do your business or brand any good.

Maybe you write your own content. If you do, you probably enjoy writing. Many don’t. Even for those of us who do like to write, who really has the time? Common, keyword researching topic after topic, really?

What about outsourced content. Maybe you found an outsourced content writer as part of your content marketing machine. How’s that going? Any chance of really determining an ROI?

What about videos? Maybe you’ve done a few. Maybe not. What do you say in the video? How do you shoot it? What format (live on camera, screen capture, photo with text or whiteboard? Do you really want to be on camera? Are you really connecting with your audience? Anyone can create a shitty little video. Millions do. But creating a video that the people, your prospects will actually find and one that does your brand justice, well that’s another story. You know that.

Let’s not forget visual content. Everything’s so visual these days. How do you keep up with visual content? You know things like posting on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Let’s face it . . .

Content creation requires planning and dedication. It also requires a ton of resources just to keep up. It’s not uncommon for business owners to find the process of creating content extremely burdensome. You know what happens when you feel that way. It’s the way we all feel when there’s too much to think about, we procrastinate. Then nothing gets done. It’s not your fault, really. There’s just so damn much stuff to do…where to start?

But and Unfortunately . . . Content Is Still King

There’s no denying the impact original content has upon people. People love to absorb engaging content in all of its forms: Video, Audio and Written.

But Why?

People search for(Google, Youtube and Pinterest) and are interrupted by (Facebook, Instagram, Email and SMS Text) solutions to their problems.

And if you want your phone to ring, you need to show up right there, when they’re searching or you need to be advertising your company to interrupt them with your solution to their problem. It’s content that delivers that message and that’s why you need to be pushing out a steady flow of quality content that drives home YOUR SOLUTION to THEIR PRESSING PROBLEM!

The bottleneck in creating great content is almost singlehandedly the time it takes to write it. Regardless of the form of content you create, it typically originates in written form…

You Can Relax We Have A Solution And It Won’t Break The Bank!

Our Proprietary Content Casting System

We use a proprietary 5 step system to capture your valuable insight, wisdom, words of advice and wealth of knowledge via recorded audio. Then we transcribe it into written form. From there we create original content in a variety of unique formats stand alone and function as a cohesive message, each in a format matched to a specific platform and targeted audience.

Our 5 Step Content Casting System Will Set You Free

We’ll set you free from the burden of putting pen-to-paper. We’ll even come up with the content ideas for you, not based upon what you think, certainly not what we think, but what your ideal prospects think is important.

How do we know what your best prospects think is important?

We compile a list of the terms they search for and we also take notice of what’s being shared across all the social channels and the dialog in your local area.

Doing all this means that when it comes time to create your content, we already know who’s going to be reading it, watching it, listening to it, enjoying it, sharing it and most importantly, acting upon it!

The beauty of our system is that you’ll create a single piece of great content and we’ll turn it into multiple assets. What this does is transforms a single audio recording into more than a dozen unique pieces of content, each with it’s own distribution channel, capable of linking back to the original audio source or blog post.

I’ll share the whole entire system with you. It’s not a secret and I won’t ask you to sign anything before I share it with you. If you like the system more than you like me, feel free to use it. But I’m betting you’ll like me at least as much as the system and if I like you as much too, maybe we’ll find a way to work together using this phenomenal system.

You can learn more about our content casting system or call me at 866-723-2522

Eric Herman