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Dear friend,

Sometimes, you can get really stuck writing email campaigns and marketing campaigns.

This is a feeling that happens all the time and we all know it as “writer’s block”.

Sure you can hire expensive copywriters to write them for you, but unless you have really deep pockets, it’s very hard for you to fork out that kind of money when you are on a shoe-string budget.

They say the tongue which is one of the smallest parts of the body, is one of the most deadliest weapon you can use.

This is true especially in marketing and advertising because what you say and how you say it can make or break someone’s decision when it comes to buying your product, your services or doing business with you.

But not everyone is a marketing maverick, and not everyone can sit down and write campaigns just like that…

Which is why we’re delighted to be offering you our 18 Done-For-You, ready to go email marketing campaigns for less than $1 Each…

Here Are The Exact Campaigns That Are Included in This Done-For-You Campaign Package:

New Member Welcome: This is a mammoth new customer welcome campaign that contains a whopping 13 pieces that you can use to bond with new customers, generate new sales, referrals and testimonials
Humble Apology Campaign: This is a campaign for re-establishing a relationship with your list after a period of time with little or no communication.
Simple Tickler Sequence:This is a campaign you can use as away of communicating with your leads and prospects in a compelling way after they opt in or after they have requested information.
Event Promotion Campaign: This is a three step campaign for promoting any events you or your clients might be doing.
Event Registration Campaign: What happens after someone registers for your events is equally important. Use this campaign to ensure maximum attendance and even sales BEFORE the event.
Follow Up to Information Request:Campaign This is a four step campaign for following up with prospects after they have either opted in or requested specific information
Free Offer Promotions Campaign: There are seven campaigns in this, ranging from a free DVD, gift, for calling in, gift for calling and more.
Free Report Request to An Appointment Campaign: This is a three step campaign that converts your leads who requested a free report or widget to an appointment.Great if you like to close sales over the phone/Skype or in person.
Free Report Request to Purchase Campaign:This is a seven step campaign where the goal is to convert your opt in leads to purchase your low barrier entry offer product or service.
Invitation to a Demo of Your Product:This is a campaign for inviting your prospects to a demo of your product or service whether it’s an online demo or face to face.
Just Left a Message: This is a campaign for when you have just left a voice-mail on your lead or prospects phone
Monthly Promotions Campaign: These monthly campaigns are for specific months of the year when you can have a valid excuse for communicating to your customers and clients.
Newsletter Double Opt in Campaign: If you use double optin you know how important it is to ACTUALLY get your leads to optin. This campaign helps you solve it
Press Release Campaign: This is a sample of a press release done the right way. You can use as a template for any press releases you do in the future.
Teleseminar / Webinar Promotion Campaign This is a three step campaign you can use as away of inviting your webinars and/or teleseminars..
And much more…
Just implementing ONE of these campaigns could mean an influx of leads and customers for your business.

I’ve sold these campaigns in the past for upwards of $97 but as a special offer for new subscribers, I’m going to give you the 18 campaigns for less than $1 each…

If you think it might be right for you, if you think it could help you, take advantage of this offer right now by filling out your details below. If you don’t want them right now, no worries.

Speak soon,

Eric Herman John Mulry

Eric Herman and John Mulry

P.S. Look: My Done-For-You Campaigns and Toolkit prevents you from having to hire someone to write new campaigns for you, or having to sit down and slave away at your keyboard for days on end trying to get all of these done….

Because it gives you everything 18 done for you campaigns you can plug and play into your business immediately. Simply take these done-for-you campaigns, download them, make a couple of changes, fill in the blanks and plug them into your business tomorrow and start seeing results immediately.

Each one of these campaigns would cost you multiples of the tiny investment I’m asking you to make today…

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