by John Mulry and Eric Herman

Is there a ticking ‘Time Bomb’ lurking in your business…without you even knowing it?

Inside Time Bomb you’ll discover how to eradicate the 7 Deadly Sins that are not only crippling your business, but also turning potential clients and customers away.

You’ll learn how to implement quickly and get results fast . . .


by John Mulry

John’s first (and #1 bestselling) book which received worldwide praise from Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Tom Hopkins, Nick Nanton, Clate Mask and many more. Inside, John walks you through his own personal struggles from growing up, alcohol, South America (volunteering, jail in Brazil, shark encounters and a hallucinogenic time in the jungle) and maps out his 3 step formula for living life on your terms


by John Mulry

What if everything you’ve ever learned about marketing your business was wrong? Inside John’s top selling book The Truth! He gives you the forgotten four step formula (proven to work in over 200 industries) turning your advertising and marketing into customer and client getting machines. The Truth! has been called “a bible of proven, time tested marketing strategies and a system for turning losing advertising campaigns into wildly profitable ones.” The Truth! is probably one of the most controversial books you’ll read on marketing your business because it goes against the majority of what’s taught.


by John Mulry

Inside Direct Response John shows you how to market your business, create advertising that sells and prosper in this new economy. Part blueprint, part road map and all value it contains the seven principles for prosperity. It’s also a run down of some of the best marketing lessons and strategies John’s learned from his marketing mentor Dan Kennedy. If you’re looking for a system for marketing your business – this is it.



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