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What Is The Customer Revivification Method?

The Customer Revivification Method . . .

helps generate untapped revenue from your customers by having us communicate with them for you, behind the scenes. This customer nurturing establishes consistent communication that immediately differentiates your business from all other commercial correspondence they receive.

This becomes a reliable a method of generating additional business, repeat business, reviving dormant customer relationships and even creating revenue on demand.

4 Primary Business Growth Challenges And How We Overcome Them

1. Most Businesses Rely Too Heavily Upon Paid Advertising

Most business owners feel the only way to consistently grow their business is through paid advertising and managed SEO.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

New customer acquisition comes at great expense to your business. It requires a lot of testing to get results and constant adjustment to maintain them. It’s not getting any easier and CPA costs continue to rise.

On the other hand . . .

Each of your existing customers is essentially their own platform, each with their own network. Customers as a Platform™(CaaP) is an entirely new way to generate business and more profitable business at that.

In the past, it was very difficult to tap into your customers’ personal networks. But not anymore.

So, why do most businesses still rely so heavily on paid advertising?

The vast majority of business owners gain experience working in an established business before venturing into business on their own. When venturing out on their own, they tend to replicate what they’ve learned in the previous business.

As a result, many businesses simply do what others have done before them. Advertise!

Google has replaced the Yellow Pages and social platforms like Facebook and Instagram have replaced newspaper and print ads, but reliance upon advertising remains remarkably the same.

Isn’t it time to break the mold?

2. Most Businesses Don’t See Customer Communication As A Revenue Driver

If you’re like most businesses, you’re overlooking the value of your customers’ emails and phone numbers.

Most business only use email and SMS for appointments, order receipts and confirmations. Far fewer provide a monthly email newsletter.

That’s just scratching the surface. 

You should be communicating with your customer on a personal level on a regular basis. Not doing so is costing your business every month.


Frequent and Consistent Customer Communication Drives More Revenue.

You need to be communicating with your customers on a regular basis. There’s no better communication channel than email. Email marketing produces a higher return on investment than any other form of marketing, producing $36 for every $1 spent (according to Litmus.)

Your communication needs to be aligned with content your existing customers, clients, patients and members can digest on social media. Why social media? Because social platforms are built for sharing. And unlike writing blog posts, social media content is best delivered in short snippets which make them easier to produce.

The emails and occasional SMS text messages you send should reference one or a group of these posts and encourage your existing customers to share them. You’ll want to highlight a piece of content that links to an opt in form or order page that delivers a coupon.

In other emails, you’ll encourage referrals, make special offers and recommendations.

3. They Don’t Correlate Online Reviews To Revenue

They don’t have a system to generate online reviews consistently and lose business as a result.

Beyond the direct impact your existing customers have upon your revenue, one of the ways they contribute to it indirectly is the influence they have over other customers. Traditionally, that meant personal introductions to your business. Today, their influence is much greater.

People look to online reviews. They tend to trust them as much as those personal referrals.

Online reviews carry a lot of weight. People act upon them.

That’s why you need a constant flow of online reviews coming in. 85% of consumers think that local reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant (according to Search Engine Journal).

The Customer Revivification Method includes done-for-you review generation. We implement outreach campaigns that ask your existing customers for reviews. We send them Google’s “magic link” and ask them to leave an honest review. These requests become an integral part of our Customer Revivification Method communication.

Does it matter?

One of our self storage businesses was able to raise their Google My Business review star rating from 3.8 stars to 4.7 stars within 120 days. That was a result of becoming more responsive to reviews, posting more frequently to their GMB page and establishing a process for requesting reviews as part of their new customer onboarding. This resulted in moving from the bottom of the Google 3 pack to the top of it. And that helped lower their ad cost, which ultimately helped them generate more customers.

4. They Don’t Generate Revenue From Social Media And Content Marketing

Social media isn’t as difficult as it may seem. To maximize your efforts, you need to post content consistently. You’ll want to post at least once in the morning and again in the afternoon. That provides an opportunity for customers on different schedules to see your posts and engage with them.

Here’s the formula that’s helped other businesses reduce their dependency upon paid advertising to generate business. . .

When you consistently post a mix of social content (following the INFOFAQ™ formula) to Facebook, Instagram and to your Google Business Profile, you’re sending signals to each of the social networks that your accounts are active and that helps boost your site’s organic search result as well.

Connecting with local influencers in your area.

There are hundreds of thousands of local influencers around the world, each with a significant following in their local town or city. Some have tens of thousands of engaged followers, but the vast majority have hundreds or a few thousand.

They’re easy to find.

Creating and posting content about your salon, your involvement in the community and providing helpful suggestions and advice can lead to new influencer generated customers.

One business owner we’ve worked with was able to establish a new line of products and services that became so successful over a 12 month period that the owner was able to sell his business for 7 figures. As a result, he was able devote his full attention to the product and service business and replace his income without a single patient visit.

That may not be your goal, in this practitioner’s case he was offered an opportunity to partner with another practitioner to expand their locations. But he decided to cash out and pursue his product and service business.

How The Customer Revivification Method Can Help Your Business

The Customer Revivification Method accomplishes 9 things:

Reactivate Dormant Customers

We create and implement "reactivation offers" that help reawaken dormant customer relationships.

Bring Back Existing Customers

We create and implement "push button irresistible offers" that entice your existing customers to order from you again and again.

Sell More To Existing Customers

To sell more to existing customers, our customer communication rotates through and highlights different aspects of your products.

Nurture Customer Communication

We provide done-for-you, multiple touch point, behind-the-scenes communication that nurtures your customer relationships.

Increase Referrals

Happy customers can easily be incentivized to tell their family, friends and peers about your services and about your business.

Increase & Improve Online Reviews

The Customer Revivification Method incorporates a review request process into the the customer communication flow. 

Customer Long Term Value (LTV)

The Email and SMS Customer Revivification Method helps increase the average number of orders per customer, the number of people they refer and the average amount they spend.

Reduce Ad Spend

Getting more repeat business reduces your dependency on advertising to acquire new customer. Studies show it costs 6x more to acquire a new customer.


The Customer Revivification Method makes it very easy to add eCommerce to your business and your existing customer base will convert much better than cold traffic.

1. Reactivate Dormant Customer Relationships

Reactivating dormant customers is like finding hidden profits in your business.

For some portion of these customers, this represents business that you would have likely generated had you simply been in touch. You’ve already won over these customers, you just need to reconnect with them and “remind them to come back”.

For others, they’ll need a bit more incentive and/or urgency to come back.

We implement a proven email (and optional SMS) campaign that reawakens your dormant customer relationships and gets them doing business with you again. Many will thank you for reaching out and reconnecting with them.

As part of our Customer Revivification Method we implement a 3 step reactivation process:

3 Step Customer Reactivation

Step 1: “Miss You”

This introductory email simply points out that you haven’t seen the customer in a while and that you miss them. The email provides a reason why they need to come back. It’s important that your reason be important to them, not to your business. A missed event or  a missed special offer are great reasons for them to come back.

This email won’t include an offer.

Make it easy for them to reengage with you with a simple call-to-action

Step 2: “I Thought Of You”

This second email references the first. You’ll send this about 5 days later.

This email makes an offer.

You’ll explain that you have an offer and point out that they might like to take advantage of it.

Make it easy for them to reengage with you with a simple call-to-action.

Step 3: “Moving You To Inactive Status”

This third email, sent about a week after the second, references your previous attempts at reaching them. You’ll tell them that because you haven’t heard back, you’ll be moving them to “inactive” status.

You provide an opportunity for them to correct the mistake by reaching back out to you.

You don’t want to explain the status update in the email, but it typically means they’ll need to spend some additional time bringing your records or their file up to date should they come back in the future (reengaging with you saves them from this hassle).

2. Bring Back Existing Customers More Frequently

An important part of the Customer Revivification Method is communicating a mix of information, education, insight, inspiration, and entertainment consistently throughout each week and over the course of each month. This helps engage customers, keep your business “top of mind” and helps bring existing customers back more frequently.

There’s a direct correlation between the frequency and consistency of your communication and the frequency of repeat customer visits.

Even businesses with full schedules can benefit from consistent, frequent customer communication. Communication creates opportunity. It can lead to new services. It could provide an opportunity to discover inefficiencies and problems.

3. More Business From Existing Customers

Customer Only Offers

To entice existing customers to come back, you’ll need to make “exclusive offers” that are only available to existing customers. These offers can provide quick cash infusions, particularly when combined with customer segmentation. This one-two punch really targets your offers to only those customers that truly want or need them. You’ll often find that this produces higher margins and increases customer long term value.

Customer History Segmentation

The Customer Revivification Method segments customers based upon their responsiveness and billing history. This provides the intelligence necessary to present them with service offerings tailored to their wants, need and preferences. We gather this intelligence, analyze it and report it to you transparently, inside your dashboard. Together, our team works with yours to create fresh offers that, based upon their prior history, are more likely to resonate with them and lead them booking an appointment or purchasing a product.

You can’t do this with one-time customers, which is why their Customer Long Term Value (LTV) is so low.

4. Customer Communication - Nurturing The Relationship

Now you need to reach out.

That’s where our Customer Revivification Method comes in. The behind-the-scenes communication nurtures your customer relationships.

This provides a channel, you control, to deliver offers and incentives to them, throughout each week and each month.

It creates opportunities to bring them into your business again.

Because the Customer Revivification Method communication utilizes “intelligent automation”, we’re able to segment these customers by applying “tags” based upon their actions. 

customer communication via intelligent automation

5. Increase Referrals

One of the elements of Customer LTV (Lifetime Value) is the number of customers your existing customers refer over the course of your relationship.

Some of your customers will naturally refer their family and friends, but most won’t on their own. Customers referred from existing customers often become the very best customers themselves. Why leave this process to chance? That’s why you need a customer referral system.

Do you have one?

Most businesses don’t.

Happy customers can easily be incentivized to tell their family, friends and peers about your business. Some will do so without any encouragement, but that’s not something you can count on.

A restaurant for example, can offer VIP tables that include premium seating and off-menu items for customers that bring their friends. You could offer special invitations for your customers to present to their friends and reward them with special gifts like a bottle of wine.

Practitioners and professionals can offer free consultations and special invitations to services created for “special patients and clients” only. Free introductory services are also great incentives for existing patients and clients to refer people in their circles.

Frequent communication with the customers on your SMS and email list should include suggestions and incentives for them to refer business and introduce people in their circles to you.

Local Influencer Referrals

Social platforms have become channels for local influencers. Many of them have hundreds or thousands of followers. These local celebrities can recommend your business to people in your town. They have the power to get your calendar booked or products sold in a matter of days, hours and sometimes, minutes. Very few salons are tapping into this opportunity. 

Referral Incentives

You can send special invitations for “existing customers” only. Free introductory services are also great incentives for existing customers to refer people in their circles.

There’s a big difference between referrals and online reviews. Asking for and incentivizing referrals can become a very profitable component of your business. But, be careful incentivizing reviews. That can get you in trouble.

Let’s look at reviews next.

6. Increase and Improve Your Online Reviews

The recency and frequency of online reviews plays an important role in local business organic ranking. Google places a lot of weight on reviews when deciding which businesses to place at the top of organic and Google Business Profile rankings.

People look at and trust online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations.

People have been conditioned to look at online reviews as part of their decision making process, particularly for local brick and mortar businesses. Businesses with higher star ratings get far more calls and direction requests than businesses with lower star ratings. They get more customers as result.

The Customer Revivification Method incorporates a review generation process into the customer communication flow.

The Importance of Review Generation

Generating reviews on a regular basis has become an important marketing component. The Customer Revivification Method includes review requests as part of your managed customer communication and as a result, we can track the effectiveness of these efforts and impact upon your star rating.

7. Increasing Customer Long Term Value (LTV)

The Customer Revivification Method helps increase the average number of orders, visits or sales per customer, the number of people they refer and the average amount they spend. The greater your net margin, the more valuable your business becomes.

8. Reducing Dependency Upon Paid Advertising

Advertising is becoming increasingly more expensive. Relying on it to acquire a new customer makes it difficult to increase your net margin. According to American Express, it’s 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one.

The Customer Revivification Method helps offset these costs by increasing the contribution each customer makes to your business by coming in more frequently, referring others and by spending more when they come in.

9. Adding or Expanding eCommerce

Many businesses have been forced to move online since Covid-19.

The challenge for many businesses is not only managing this new channel, but communicating with customers and prospects.

Ongoing communication requires automation. Without it, it’s very difficult to manage an eCommerce component of your business.

Launching a new service or targeting a new demographic, online or offline, is much easier to do when you have a database of customers you’re communicating with. You get to introduce your products and services to them directly. This provides an opportunity to test the waters and reduce your risks.

If you don’t yet sell online, don’t worry the Customer Revivification Method makes it very easy to add eCommerce to your business).


We bring everything you need together into a single platform that we manage for you.

This method enables us to:

Leverage Intelligent Automation

Because we’re able to utilize automation, we can deliver the Customer Revivification Method quickly, affordably and without a long-term commitment.

By applying intelligent automation to your business we’re able to do what was, until recently, impossible.

The Customer Revivification Method combines technology with personalization. Through our cloud-based platform, we’re able to nurture your customer relationships without sharing personal information.

We leverage “Intelligent Automation”. The intelligence comes from real human interaction. We look at what’s happening. How are your customer responding? Which offers lead to appointments? Which one’s get ignored?

The Customer Revivification Method allows you to see what’s working best for your business without spending thousands of dollars in traditional, outdated marketing tactics and advertising. 

Frequent, timely communication with your customers produces “revenue-on-demand”, when combined with offers and incentives you know they’ll respond to (because they’ve responded to similar offers in the past).

With the . . .

intelligent automation for customer monetization core


How We Work

Our team works along side yours, remotely each month. At any time you and your team can login to the web-based platform to see what’s going on. The reporting and analytics provide you with transparent insight into the effectiveness of your managed communication and offers.

Likely, for the first time in your business, you’ll be able to measure what’s producing additional business and what isn’t.

Here’s what you’ll find with the Customer Revivification Method working for you behind the scenes:

High-Margin Multi-Factor Revenue From Loyal Customers

A happy customer is not only more likely to become a “loyal” customer, they’re more likely to return more frequently.

They’ll refer people through word-of-mouth.

Many will rave about you online and on social media for others to see. 

They’ll typically be more open to your specials and recommendations that may be more profitable for you.

You don’t have to advertise to get them.

Your other customers . . .

Require advertising to get them back. And that’s much more expensive.

When you start building your customer relationships, you get to generate business much more cost effectively.

a happy customer

It’s not that simple!

Nurturing your customers isn’t easy. It’s time consuming. It’s a lot of work.

It requires a communication system that provides your customers with answers to their questions, across all the channels of communication they may use (sms, email, social media or in person).

You need the Customer Revivification Method because it provides support and insight into your customer communication so that you can determine the effectiveness of what’s working and what’s not, in real time, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operation.

Use the same method framework in your business that we use in our business . . .


We bring everything you need together into a single platform that we manage for you.

What Does The Customer Revivification Method Do?

99% of small businesses do not follow up or communicate with their customers on a regular basis. 

That’s what The Customer Revivification Method does. It’s a done-for-you service that includes the creation and distribution of email campaigns that bring existing customers back and revive dormant customers. Campaigns deliver a mix of entertainment, information and offers throughout the month.


The CORE Customer Revivification Method includes:

Existing Customer Campaigns

Our Customer Revivification Method focuses on presenting “irresistible offers” to your existing customers via email and SMS text and following up with them to keep them coming back and, if you sell products, getting them to order.

It’s this consistent follow up that gets many of them to keep coming back.

Together, our team works with yours to create fresh offers that, based upon their prior history, are more likely to resonate with them and lead them to booking an appointment or purchasing a product.

Existing Customer Campaigns
Dormant Customer Reactivation

Dormant Customer Reactivation

You’ve already won over your customers, you just need to reconnect with them and “remind them to come back”.

We implement a proven 3 step email campaign that reawakens your dormant customer relationships and gets them doing business with you again.

The 3 email reactivation campaign consists of:

Email 1: Miss You 

Email 2: I Though Of You

Email 3: Removing You From Active Status

Short Term Follow Up

Short-term follow up is necessary when promoting an event, offer or running a special. Follow up continues for you, automatically  and includes a mix of 3 to 6 emails and SMS text messages over a ten to fourteen day period.

Once a recipient takes an action, they’re removed from the remainder of short-term follow up and automatically transitioned to long-term follow up.

Short Term Follow Up
Long Term Follow Up

Long Term Follow Up

Long term follow up communication is designed to keep your business in front of your customers.

It includes community information, tips, humor, suggestions and cash surge generating “irresistible offers”.

Customers On Demand

The most valuable aspect of The Customer Revivification Method is that it enables you to generate “Customers On Demand”.


Let’s say you’re having a slow week or slow day?

All you need to do is send us a text and within minutes we can send your offer to hundreds of your existing customers.

Can you do that right now?

Powerful. Fast. Cashflow.

Customers On Demand


The “Plus” Method is a done-for-your upgrade which includes: a review platform to enhance the gathering, marketing, responding and managing reviews.

Online Review Generation

Online Review Generation

Generating a consistent flow of new reviews is very important. Online reviews carry a lot of weight. Your customers act upon them.

People look to online reviews and tend to trust them as much as those personal referrals.

Consumers make decisions about contacting a business based upon recent reviews, not older ones. According to Search Engine Journal, 85% of consumers think that local reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant.

That’s why you need a constant flow of online reviews coming in. 

The Customer Revivification Method includes “Review Generation” as part of the initial and ongoing communication.

Review Response

Let us do the heavy-lifting for you and ensure that all of your Google My Business (Google Business Profile (GBP)) reviews are responded to within minutes via integrated the GBP message feature. Our expertly crafted, auto-responses minimize the impact of negative comments and ensure that happy customers tell their friends.

If you prefer, we’ll assign your own professionally-trained, US-based responder with prior experience responding in your industry. After studying your brand’s unique voice, your responder will begin crafting the best google review responses to each and every review. (This is an optional upgrade.)

Review Platform

Online Review Marketing & Management

Each review provides your business with free feedback and an opportunity to improve. But sifting through each review can be a time-consuming process. Instead, keep tabs on your progress with daily, weekly, or monthly reports. You customize which reports you’d like to receive and we will deliver them to your inbox at your preferred time.

The Review Management Platform is connected to more than 60 different review sites, social media platforms and local directories. You can connect as many of your accounts as you like and respond to all reviews from within the platform.


The “Plus Social” Method is a social media upgrade which includes done-for-you creation of social content and automated social posting.

Plus Social Media Content

Upgrading to the Customer Revivification Plus Social Method brings your social media accounts to life by transforming your online presence from ordinary to extraordinary.

Posts are custom branded (with your company logo) and optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile (GMB), Twitter and LinkedIn.

Posts include images, graphics, quotes, tips and irresistible offers linked to your opt in page.

Social Content Dine In
Social Posting Dine In

Plus Social Media Posting

Our social media posting helps turn browsers into customers by transforming your social accounts from digital ghost towns into educational, informational destinations that provide insight and updates to visitors interested in your business.

Our web-based platform consolidates all of your social accounts into a single interface that we use to post to each of your connected profiles 2x daily.

How Does The Customer Revivification Method Work?


The Customer Revivification Method includes:

Dine In Demo Irresistible Offer

Irresistible Offer

The key to attracting new customers is to offer them something that’s hard for them to say “no” to… something “irresistible”.

The offer should be easy to redeem and be available to them immediately.

Providing multiple access options (SMS text, QR code and website link) makes participation easy.

SMS Text Phrase

The Customer Revivification Method includes an SMS text enabled phone number and custom SMS Text key phrase that your customers can use to receive your irresistible offer.

Most typically, texting the key phrase returns a link to the opt in page where they’ll be required to enter their name, mobile number and email.

Dine In Demo SMS Text Phrase
Dine In Demo Opt In

Opt In Page

Your Customer Revivification Method includes an opt in page that we customize and host for you. This opt in page is the gate through which the interested person must pass to receive your “irresistible offer”. The page is optimized for desktop and mobile.

The opt in page is designed to be consistent with the flyer and your branding. Optionally, you can request or require name, email and mobile number on the form submission

Coupon Delivery

Immediate Validation Option

Upon submitting the opt in form, the customer is sent an email and/or SMS text with simple instructions on how to redeem the coupon.

They’ll click the link provided and that link will do one of three things: (1) validate them with a date and time stamp for the front desk receptionist to see, (2) send them to a page that shows the offer (with or without a countdown timer) or 3) send them to an online calendar appointment booking page.

Dine In Demo Coupon Delivery
Salon Client Coupon Redemption Approved

Offer Redemption Validation


If you select the “offer redemption validation” option, the customer will receive an email and/or text message that includes a link.

Clicking the link triggers a date and time stamp message that they’ll show to the cashier.

To validate the message, the cashier simply needs to recognize the date and approximate time stamped in the message the customer shows on their phone: 

“Attention message”: 


2/2/2022 – 1:20PM

What happens if the customer tries to use the coupon again? (see the declined section below).

Offer Redemption Validation


If the customer clicks the validation link again, in an attempt to reuse the coupon, the system generates a “declined” notification

This informs both the customer and the cashier that the coupon has already been redeemed.

Salon Client Coupon Redemption Declined
Dine In Demo Immediate Coupon Redemption

Offer To Call Redemption

Call In With Code Option

This option prompts the customer to call you and includes an incentive CODE they provide when they call. Your staff will recognize this code and apply the coupon to their order.

Including a “countdown timer” adds urgency and provides additional psychological incentive to act immediately or risk losing the coupon.

Introducing a “free gift” directly above the countdown timer provides even further incentive for the customer to take immediate action.

Offer To Booking Redemption

Online Appointment Booking Option

This option prompts the customer to Schedule An Appointment Online and includes an incentive CODE they include in the description section of the appointment scheduling process. Your cashier will apply the coupon to their reservation.

Including a “countdown timer” adds urgency and provides additional psychological incentive to book their appointment immediately or risk losing the coupon.

Introducing a “free gift” directly above the countdown timer provides even further incentive for the customer to schedule immediately.

Dine In Demo Online Booking Redemption


Once a month, as part of the Customer Revivification Method communication, we send an eNewsletter that provides your customers with a gentle reminder that you’re around and subtly suggests that they should come back in (without coming right out and telling them to come back in or offering a discount for your products and services).

Your customers are already fans of what you’re doing in your business.

You just need to send them something relevant to the season or month of the year, while positioning your expertise in your field, without positioning positioning you as boring and not worth reading.

Who's The Customer Revivification Method For?

The Customer Revivification Method is customized for your business based upon you rindustry.:

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What Others Have To Say

“I was first introduced the Customer Revivification Method years ago. It's been so helpful in segmenting my business to drive revenue from specific audiences. Eric and his team really care about my business success .”
Patti Starr
RA, LMT, SET Integrated Healing Arts
“Eric is one the most driven entrepreneurs I have ever known. He takes on every endeavor with zeal and tenacity. He has a keen sense of the online environment and has developed a cutting edge method (the Customer Revivification Method) to get the maximum bottom results from your products and services."
Dan Ogus
COO, Cornerstone Affiliates
“Eric is one of the best revenue generators I have the pleasure of knowing. He’s got a great technical and design team and a lot of resources that make success easy. I highly recommend him.”
Sean T Phillips
President, STP Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Click one of the links below . . .

The Customer Revivification Method is built upon a templated automation method that’s tailored to each business.

The customization process includes:

  • – offer Creation
  • – Opt in Pages
  • – Offer Delivery
  • – Ongoing  Communication

The Customer Revivification Method includes:

  • – Customized Offers
  • – Customized Opt In Page (hosting included)
  • – Customized Thank You Page (hosting included)
  • – Email follow up
  • – SMS follow up

The Customer Revivification Method has the service levels: CORE, PLUS and PLUS SOCIAL. Each is available on a month-to-month no contract, cancel at any time basis. See the Pricing Table and service description page for pricing and details.

The Customer Revivification Method is a month-to-month service, there’s no contract, cancel at any time.

To cancel send an email to 24 hrs prior to your monthly renewal date.

The Customer Revivification Method comes with a Risk Free 30 Day “I’m Happy or I Pay Nothing” Money Back Guarantee.

No. There’s no Free Trial, but we offer a Risk Free 30 Day “I’m Happy or I pay Nothing” Money Back Guarantee.

Yes, you can change your offer as often as once per week.

Your customized method will be available to you within 2 business days of your profile completion (that provides us with your preferred contact information, branding and offer).

Yes, we strongly suggest you do. We’ll be happy to provide social posts for you to promote your offers on all of your social profiles.

To reach us with any questions about the Client Revivification Method or any of our other services, you can call 866.723.2522 or reach us by email at

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How Do I Get Started?

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$ 597 Month
(Regular Price $797)
  • Repeat Customer Sales Method+
  • Everyting In CORE Plan Plus:
  • Review Management
  • Review Marketing
  • Automated Review Response
  • Online Review Requests


$ 497 Month
(Regular Price $697)
  • Repeat Customer Sales Method
  • Web-based Platform
  • Branded Website Lead Capture
  • Optimized For Desktop
  • Optimized For Mobile
  • DFY Email Communication
  • DFY Multi Offer Creation
  • DFY Offer Implmentation
  • Real Time Reporting & Analytics
  • Reactivate Dormant Customers
  • Resell Existing Customers


$ 697 Month
(Regular Price $997)
  • Repeat Customer Sales Method+
  • Everything In The PLUS Plan Plus:
  • PLUS DFY Social Posting To Your:
  • Google Business Profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin